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Interface LocaleSettings

Objects of this class represent the configurations of translation files.

After a translation has been set, these configurations will be available at Locale.settings to be used by interested objects (such as time writers).


  • LocaleSettings



Optional defaultOptions

defaultOptions: BaseTimeUnit

These options allow for default linguistic configuration for the time units of the locale.


Since v1.1.0 - In favor of defaultTimeUnit (will be removed in v2).

Optional defaultTimeUnit

defaultTimeUnit: BaseTimeUnit

An object able to override the default linguistic parsing of time units.

It may be used to set a custom plural function or prevent time units from being pluralized by default.

Optional timeUnits

Database of time unit translations.

Gives the ability to set readable names and plurals of translations.

Optional writerOptions

writerOptions: TimeWriterSettings

Configurations assigned to time writers.

Contains linguistic and mathematical properties applied to all countdown and write calls (unless overridden by the object or method).

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