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Represents the configuration values that changes the behavior of ts-merge.

These options are usually parsed and encapsulated by MergeContext, and can be passed when creating a FileWorker or using the streamFunction.


  • MergeOptions



Optional extensionPrefix

extensionPrefix: undefined | string

Extension prefix for the merged files (default is "merged"), e.g. myfile.js will become myfile.merged.js.

Attention: If empty, then FileWorker.write will overwrite the input files.

Optional generateOptions

generateOptions: GenerateOptions

ECMAScript generation options for escodegen. See https://github.com/estools/escodegen/wiki/API for more information.

Optional logger

logger: "none" | "console" | LoggerFunction

The type of logging mechanism used while merging.

  • none: No output messages are created
  • console (default): Sends messages to the console / terminal
  • LoggerFunction: Sends the log the callback

Optional outDir

outDir: undefined | string

Specifies the output directory for the merged files.



Optional parseOptions

parseOptions: ParseOptions

ECMAScript parsing options for esprima. See https://esprima.readthedocs.io/en/latest/syntactic-analysis.html for more information.

Optional skipDeclarations

skipDeclarations: undefined | true | false

Whether to skip the merging of declaration (.d.ts files) 'namespaces' or not.

Optional skipScripts

skipScripts: undefined | true | false

Whether to skip the merging of script (.js files) 'namespaces' or not.

Optional skipSourceMaps

skipSourceMaps: undefined | true | false

Whether to skip sourcemap generation (.js.map files) or not.


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